About Us  
                Shree Pumps has emerged as the leading & dominant rotary positive displacement pump manufacturer of Indian offering widest range of most compact, reliable, efficient & elegant rotary gear, twin gear & triple twin gear pump for all viscous and semi-viscous liquid applications. Company started it’s business as a small proprietary venture to design, develop, manufacture & market these pumps starting with small, low cost, general purpose gear pumps as a standard product readily available though network of dealers. The company followed brick & mortar economy with consistence commitment to produce quality embedded product. Company also addressed the typical pumping problem peculiar while handling viscous liquid and also offered free guidance in selective, installing & using such pumps to ensure constant growth of the company, which also helped enter into OE & Project business.

Innovation is the founding perception of the company, gear pump name was badly spoiled by the time company entered in this business and all users & consultants had started believing them to be a low efficient, out dated & absurd product. It was then found that the use of gear pump is not just restricted to few applications of loading, unloading & transfer but they are extensively used for cooling & lubrication application in all IC engines, machine tools, compressors, gear boxes etc. forming internal part of the product, high pressure hydraulic pumps used in power transmission device & highly precision stainless steel metering pumps used for varieties of viscous polymers for fiber drawing applications in man made fiber industries. Thus, such widely used product can never become outdated or absurd. The task was then to design an efficient gear pump to take the challenge poised by screw pump. This was a challenge in front of company’s designer who took clue from hydraulic gear pumps where the efficiency ranges between 90% to 95% & they could make break through in developing a hybrid gear pump design with lesser number of modified profile gears to enjoy the efficiency advantage of 20% to 30% over conventional gear pump, 10% to 20% over twin screw pump and up to 5% over triple twin screw pump.
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